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25 Best Christmas Appetizers: The Ultimate Round-Up
Whether you want Christmas appetizers for a holiday party or delicious small bites for Christmas day, this is the only list of recipes you'll need!
Cream Cheese Penguins
Rating: Unrated
Just imagine a cute display of penguins, made with black olives, carrots and cream cheese! You can add scarves and hats by using fresh red pepper strips, or canned pimentos cut into different shapes. Use frilly toothpicks if you can.
Classic Savory Deviled Eggs
Rating: Unrated
Hard-cooked eggs are stuffed with a creamy blend of mayonnaise, Dijon mustard and rice wine vinegar. Fresh dill and garlic powder add a delightful flavor.
Air-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp
Simple to put together with only 4 ingredients, but big on flavor! I like to use "extra jumbo" size shrimp, which are 16-20 per pound. Cutting the bacon lengthwise into narrow strips makes it easier to wrap. Refrigerating the shrimp, as well as using thin-cut bacon, will prevent the shrimp from overcooking in the time it takes to crisp the bacon.
Traditional Christmas Cheese Ball
Rating: Unrated
I look forward to this simple, traditional cheese ball every year. It has been served during family Christmas Eve parties since before my time. The ingredients are few and inexpensive, and might be made year-round, but I reserve this one special appetizer for the holidays only to maintain its specialness. I love to serve Ritz crackers with the cheese ball to bring out its savory flavor.
Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip
Rating: Unrated
This dip packs all the taste of traditional spinach artichoke dip minus the dairy. Serve hot with tortilla chips.
Pine Cone Cheese Ball
Rating: Unrated
Any cheese ball is a welcome addition to a holiday party spread, but when you bring one that looks like a pine cone, you're talking about a real showstopper.
Crab and Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms
Rating: Unrated
This is the result of trying to duplicate a seafood chain's recipe. Comes close enough, they're gone the minute they hit the table!
15 Merry Make-Ahead Christmas Appetizers
A little advance work pays off throughout the season. Think of it as a Christmas gift to yourself.
Garlicky Baked Brie
Rating: Unrated
This yummy, warm baked Brie has a garlicky center with a touch of sweet red pepper jelly topping. Serve with fresh baguette or crackers. Your guests will be begging for the recipe!
Bacon Wrapped Smokies
Rating: Unrated
Time consuming but it is well worth it! The brown sugar and bacon grease combine beautifully and give such a great taste.
Easy Instant Pot® Cocktail Meatballs
Rating: Unrated
A twist on the grape jelly cocktail meatballs that everybody loves. This recipe uses apricot preserves, but feel free to use grape, orange marmalade, or even cranberry sauce - they're all delicious! Try different flavors of barbecue sauce too! These make the perfect party appetizer, especially when you're low on time!

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